Bradley Taylor
Photojournalism: NHS Nurse and Paramedic Strikes
DECEMBER 28, 2022
NHS Nurse and Ambulance Strikes, West Yorkshire

The picket line organised by the Royal College of Nursing outside Leeds General Infirmary appeared to be incredibly friendly, enthusiastic and was greeted warmly by many passing pedestrians. Some of these pedestrians passing by even brought cakes and other goodies to lift the nurses' spirits. Song, dance and laughter were the predominant actions of the day's industrial action.

On the other hand, the ambulance strikes outside Yorkshire Ambulance Service Headquarters, Wakefield, and an ambulance station in Leeds, Manor Mill, was more of a reserved and tense affair. Many of the paramedics on the picket line outside Leeds Ambulance Station were in full uniform with their radios turned on and ambulances parked nearby ready to respond to Category 1 emergency life-threatening calls. Perhaps this accounted for the less jubilant atmosphere? The nurses appeared to be very welcoming of media presence and the union press rep made herself avaiable to any press in attendance whilst the ambulance service picket line was far colder in its approach to media coverage.