Drone Photography Workshops

1-to-1 Drone Photography Workshops in West and North Yorkshire
Tutoring in how to operate and fly your drone!

Drone Flight Basics


About This Service
90 minutes of tuition out on in the field in a mutually agreed location.
Typically this would cover: how to control the flight of the drone, useful information for legal requirements, basic camera operation, apps and other sources of flight info.
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Drone Flight Basics - £120
Briefing (safety, controls etc)
Up to 60 mins flight time
Use of additional battery as required

Aerial Photography


About This Service
90 mins tuition in the field.
60 mins tuition editing/critiquing images
Typically this would cover: recap of flight controls and safety checks, standard photography, exposure bracketing, manual controls, on-location flights, editing and critiquing of images produced in a local cafe/pub.
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Aerial Photography - £160
Briefing (safety, controls etc) & Debrief
Up to 60 mins flight time
On location tuition in aerial photography
Critique and editing tuition at nearby cafe/pub

All in One


About This Service
All the flight basics tuition, aerial photography tuition, critique and editing tuition on a computer, flight briefings and debriefings etc.
Typically this is a half day workshop of up to 4 hours.
All in One - £250
Everything in Drone Flight Basics
Everything in Aerial Photography
Expert tuition from an experienced drone pilot
Accelerated course designed for rapid progress

Terms and Conditions for Drone Photography Workshops